Celebration of Life Saturday Aug 8 at 1PM.

Enter your name and the food or beverages you want to bring.
(It can be main dish, snacks, desserts and/or beverages)

NOTE: Can someone bring some healthy beverages please

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Michael Cain
Chicken Enchilada Casserole, Mango Nectar Juice

Wendy Shepherd
Several Dessert Dishes

Cheryl & Fred Clark-Frazure
Lasagne w/ bread & fresh fruit platter

Travis Clark
Pasta salad, bruschetta and deviled eggs

Connie Zamorano
Salsa, macaroni salad

casserole (haven’t decided on type of casserole yet), Mexican rice and beans

Brian Clark
Broccoli salad and a desert. If you need anything specific please let us know.

Cassandra Iniguez
Green salad

Robyn Lindemann
Fruit salad

Tammy Cain
Cheese and salami platter

Ralph Cain

James and Quien
Home made chili beans and corn bread